Project Space & Art Gallery |Spring 2015


The earliest settlement in Eastbourne was built around the Bourne stream. ‘Tidemark’ makes a direct reference to the history of this watercourse – now hidden from view but still running through the centre of town. A polished surface bisects the work: the connections between the objects above and below are physical and metaphorical – making reference to the machinery of the modern city and the interconnectedness of our everyday lives.

The work shows how ideas and forms change as they move from one part of the world to another, by bringing them together in a previously unexplored relationship of form to create new worlds of encounter.

Jonathan Wright's constructed works embody the mechanics of a modern society: ‘We are surrounded by structures whose functions are mysterious, and these structures become invisible in their ubiquity. When encouraged to look at them afresh, to reverse our perspective, we realise we can see more and see better’.

Exhibiting artist