Curious Gallery Summer 2014


This August Curious Projects  invited Sharon Haward to come and work in the space. She spent a week responding to the space with a site-specific installation.

Work in progress.
Visitors are invited to come and view the development of the installation.

Visitors are invited to come and view the completed installation.

inter·ruption n.

1. a break in the continuity or uniformity of;

2. a hindrance to the the action or discourse;

3. something that interrupts;

4. an interval or intermission;

inter·ruption is an attempt to create a break,
a disturbance, a pause in the Curious Project Space & Gallery space by the insertion of objects. The viewer is invited to speculate on the shape and meaning of the space in relation
to their position outside of it.

Exhibiting artist


Much of Haward’s practice is been based on the use of different combinations of objects, structures and digital media to create installations and interventions in response to a range of venues and sites.