Curious Gallery opening show


Our first exhibition is called ‘Breathing Space’ by London-based artist Tracey Payne, whose practice is in sculpture, installation, performance and video. Tracey studied at Camberwell College of Arts (MA) and, having just completed
a residency at Art Lacuna in London, she will come to work
on a site-specific installation at Curious Projects. This will involve ‘breathing’, inflatable structures: as they inflate, they will fill the space and press against the windows, and as they deflate the space will be empty again. ‘Breathing Space’ also relates to Eastbourne as a seaside resort with big open spaces, where people come to relax and spend time in a less crowded, less busy place – a place where they can breathe.

Exhibiting artist


Tracey Payne works in London. Her practice is in sculpture, installation, performance and video.

"Making objects, filling spaces where people will be alarmed and will laugh. Slapstick, silliness, accidents, surprises.  Stand-up, fall-down.  How/who to trust? Around the edges and in the gaps we live our lives. It all seems so permanent, monolithic and unshiftable until things start to move. Form without substance. Breath, no breath."