Project Space & Art Gallery |Spring-Summer 2016


In this work, Francis Olvez-Wilshaw reworks logos and symbols of major international banks through the distinctive architectural style of art deco. The forms are put together to form a series of totems, referencing how totems have been used by civilisations throughout history to denote their existence, power and secrecy.

The backdrops are inspired by an ‘artist’s impression’ of a view from a yet-to-be-built large block of luxury apartments overlooking the City of London. In the source image (displayed on the boardings around the building site), the sunset-coloured clouds are pierced by the iconic towers of the City’s skyline. Francis Olvez-Wilshaw unpicks this example of imagined corporate-approved ‘high’ fantasy imagery by removing the skyscrapers and replacing them with his own totems.

The title of the piece is derived from the novel 'Atlas Shrugged' by the philosopher Ayn Rand.

Francis Olvez-Wilshaw primarily makes free-standing abstract sculptures which are then arranged in a variety of different positions with large prints, patterns, kinetic elements, music – often altering the floors and walls to reference commercial spaces.

"I see working as a sculptor and installation artist as a ‘dress up/costume’ box. It allows me to wear/use different languages, materials and ‘skins’."

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Image above: previous work by Francis Olvez-Wilshaw